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LOST: Season 6, Episode 16 "What They Died For"

Pre-Hash: After last week's all-Jacob/MIB all-mythology episode, we're back to the LOSTies and what they've been up to. The four on the beach, Locke wandering, and whatever happened to Ben/Miles/Richard anyway?

Oh look - another mysterious neck injury for Jack. It seems the PlaneCrashTimeline is literally "bleeding into" the Sideways timeline. At least, that's how I read that.

Good to see the Shephard lads are getting their fiber from Super Bran. We'll see how it does with Claire - pregnant women always have issues with digestion late in pregnancy.

We still haven't found out who "Mom" is for Jack's kid. I will bet you dollars to doughnuts it's Juliet. Dollars to donuts.

Where did Sideways Desmond get that crazy accent?

Jack is sewing Kate up at the end of the series, much like Kate sewed Jack up at the start of the series. And, by the way, you don't sew up a dirty wound. I hope he cleaned that out.

Wow, Sideways Locke is in pretty good shape for a man who was knocked over a car. It's funny how no-one pays attention to Sideways Desmond beating the poop out of Sideways Ben. Hey Ben - Desmond has beat the poop out of you in another timeline! Of course, so have a bunch of people.

Was it really just one week ago that they blew up the bomb (re: Miles's comment). I might have to check LOSTpedia timeline on that one.

Yes, Miles, there are a *LOT* of dead people in Othertown.

I think Miles was around to remind Ben of Alex's death.

Zoe! Widmore! Are they what's left of Widmore's team? I wonder if Widmore is telling the truth about Jacob visiting him? That would have been an interesting scene to see.

Sideways Desmond, Sayid, and Kate all together in lockup. Seems like this is probably part of a plan. But how does Desmond know this?

I'm assuming that the little kid that Hurley is seeing is young Jacob, but I don't remember young Jacob from last episode well enough to compare him to this kid. Given we've seen young Jacob a copule times now, this is one of the cases where I think having "Across The Sea" be about 8 episodes earlier would have been more interesting. We would have recognized young Jacob and wondered what he was up to.

I'm not sure why Widmore didn't run for it versus trusting Ben to hide him. Gotta like Miles: "I'll be running through the jungle," and "Good luck with that."

Richard thinks he can talk to Smokey? Richard is toast, I tell you this right now. The framing of the scene sets this up. Getting tossed in the air by Smokey is probably a hint that Richard is dead but maybe not. I note he doesn't have the backpack full of C4, but that Ben does.

I'm not sure if Ben is playing along, or if Ben has a plan to get rid of Smokey.

Doctor Linus and Danielle Rousseau! "Kidnap you" - get it? They're such a couple. Note that Danielle said "next time" in reference to dinner.

I was certain that Zoe and Widmore were toast, but I was surprised at the sheer shock of how Zoe went. Subtitles didn't tell me what Widmore said, darn it. I was sure Locke was going to stab Widmore. Ben shooting him was a surprise.

And now everyone can see Jacob! It's time for a "Jacob tells all" chat.

Good for Sideways Locke to let go of his guilt over dad and maybe get out of the chair. This is some major infodump from Jacob, but this one seems justified by the characters and the situation. So Kate was crossed out because she was a mom? What about Sun? Does that mean Jin was the candidate? But then why could Jin kill himself?

So Jacob doesn't know how to kill Smokey? After all these years? No idea? Bummer.

And Jack chooses to be the candidate. No surprise. They've been setting this up for a while. Why couldn't/can't Smokey just go to the heart of the island at any time over the last 2000 years? Maybe the presence of candidates prevents him. Or maybe Jacob prevented him. And that's why he's trying to kill the candidates, so he can go to the heart of the island, blow up the island, and get off the island. Maybe the island itself is what keeps him here, thus why we hear chains when he's Smokey.

Sideways Desmond has a plan. But he needs something from the Sideways folks. He seems a little kooky. Ana Lucia is a baad cop. And here comes Hurley with the money. Did Sideways Hurley and Desmond have a scene? Funny that he recognizes Ana Lucia. Interesting statement: "She's not ready yet." They are going to a concert - the Faraday/Charlie concert, of course.

Desmond's not in the well. How does that help Smokey out? Somehow it helps Locke destroy the island. Next week we'll find out.

Summary: This was very much a "get the pieces in place" (or in some cases, "off the board") style of episode. But it worked for me because it was driven by the characters having things they were trying to achieve. Even if Widmore's "oh, I was visited by Jacob" was a little "easy info dump" along with Jacob's "here's what's going on" infodump. But the second info-dump worked for me more than the first. Again, driven by character.

So what's everyone's plan? As I read it, Jack will go to the source and see what he can do to make sure Smokey-Locke can't get there. Smokey-Locke is trying to get to the source and destroy the island because he can leave. I see it that he is "chained" to the island by the presence of candidates, and/or a protector, and/or the "source" (which is why we hear chains when Smokey moves around the island). Get rid of candidates/protector and then he can destroy the island and leave.

Desmond's role? I'm betting that Desmond, beacsue of his unique history, can actually go into the source and not get destroyed or turned into a smoke monster. Or maybe he would turn into a "good" smoke monster (white smoke?) and we'd have a smoke monster on smoke monster battle. Ha!

In the Sideways universe, I'm betting Desmond (and Hurley) work on getting everyone together. He and Kate will drag people from the Daniel birthday party (featuring Charlie, and I wouldn't be surprised if Boone/Shannon were in attendance). Hurley and Sayid have to get Locke, Jack, Claire. What happens when they're all together? I don't know.

I can guarantee that most of these ideas are probably wrong, and will be upset in the first 15 minutes of the finale, and that things will go in a way that I didn't really expect. After all, that's one fo the secrets of LOST - keep moving in strange directions that still work with the plot and the characters.

Five more days!
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