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LOST: Season 6, Episode 17/18 (SERIES FINALE) "The End"

Pre-Hash: I watched the 6 season review beforehand. It was fun to see all the old scenes, all the old characters from five years ago, all the old scenes. It held together a lot better than I might have expected, especially with all the old smoke monster references. I think that's a tribute (or an indication) of how open-ended and indeterminate they made the series all those years ago. It was certainly a way of hedging their bets. Or of not deciding anything. Or both.

And now everything has to wrap up. The plotlines, the alternate timelines, the fate of the characters and of the island itself. Here we go.

I'm sorry, but "the heart of the island" makes me snicker when I hear it.

This is Jack's dad's coffin getting lost, intercut with various people. Well,I guess Locke is having the surgery today. But doesn't Jack have a concert to attend (David's)? And just where is this body going?

"I want to leave" - interesting statement from Sideways-Desmond.

"Doesn't sound like he said anything about anything" - ha! From Sawyer. Good Star Wars line from Hurley. Could this be the last time they see Sawyer?

This is the hotel from when the guy attacked Sayid and Sayid killed him with the dishwasher and Hurley watched. Sideways-Hurley knows everything. In the meantime, PlaneCrash Hurley is really fatalistic.

And it's one more punch in the face for Ben.

Vincent! Yay! Look, it's Rose and Bernard! I'm surprised to see them. I had wondered who rescued Desmond from the well. Dang, they were just things to be threatened by Smokey-Locke.

And Ben still has the radio to Miles. Richard is alive, yay!

So in the Sideways universe, the museum concert is the same as the Daniel birthday concert? I'm guessing, because Hurley is there with Sayid and Charlie. And Sawyer has to go to the hospital to watch over Sun. Who has Juliet as her ob-gyn. Flashback for Sun.

The fact that Sideways people keep saying "I remember" is rather interesting. And did Jin see something too? And now they speak English. Hmmm…

So what does "remember" mean? It certainly gives support to my theory that whatever happens in the Plane Crash timeline ends up "sending" them all to the other Sideways timeline.

At the hospital: Locke, Jack, Sun, Jin, Juliet and soon Sawyer
At the concert: Hurley, Sayid, Charlie, Daniel, Miles, and soon Kate and Desmond.

Richard is getting grey hairs, I guess that aging thing is catching up with him. Why bother blowing up the plane. Frank Lipitas! Woah. That's wild. Problem is: Smokey Locke doesn't want the plane. He has a boat. Seems like Miles, Richard and Lipitas are on a wild goose chase.

Like that statement from Smokey: "you're kind of the obvious choice". I wonder if Jack has a plan. Has Jack touched anyone yet?

And Juliet *is* David's mom! Seems like they have a cordial relationship. I'm guessing the concert is actually the benefit concert. So everyone will eventually be at the same concert.

Desmond has an interesting attitude about being lowered down the hole about how he's going to go away to the other place. Maybe that's what happens to everyone.

There's a LOT of LOST-related commercials here, lik the one for the smoke alarm and for the keyboard.

Right now they're taking a very straightforward and quick path through the storyline of the finale. That tells me there's some twists coming.

Sideways-Sayid hasn't had a "flash" yet to what's going on here. But here comes his flash, in the form of Shannon. Sheesh. Gaagh. I guess Sideways-Boone already had his flash.

Oh yeah, Claire. I guess Claire is unhappy.

That Locke and Jack looking to the light is just like the old hatch scene when they lowered Kate into the hatch from waaaaay back in Season 1.

And that's the end of the first hour. What if Desmond *does* disappear? Then what?

At the Sideways concert, Juliet gets a call. Daniel meets Charlotte. Kate meets Claire, again. Pierre Chang is the host. And Eloise Hawking (Widmore) knows everything. Charlie sees Claire. And Kate will probably help Claire give birth again.

If Desmond can get to the rock, what will happen. He's uncapping the light. The water drained out. The light went out. Neither one of them is invincible now. Hmmm. As often happens on LOST, things go as the characters expect them to go. And then they get worse.

Sideways-Desmond is going to get a talking-to from Eloise. They're "leaving". But to where?

Baby-time for Sideways-Claire. And Kate gets the flash to the other time she helped Claire give birth. And Claire gets the flash to when she gave birth. I'm amazed she could give birth to such a large baby so fast. Now Charlie's flashing. Everyone is flashing.

Ben gets squished by a tree. Ben knows about the boat. Locke is by the cave. Jack does a super-jump-punch. On slippery rocks in the rain.

Hm. What if pulling the stone carrot out of the pool and draining the water and the light is similar to turning the wheel and eventually the island is going to go elsewhere and catapult everyone into the Sideways timeline? Or maybe something re-establishes the island's light and sends everyone to the Sideways timeline?

How did Kate find them? And how do we know Locke is dead? And now what?

What happened to Sideways-Jack's neck? And why isn't there a big stab wound in his side? And here is Sideways-Locke's flash.

And now it stopped raining? And they got Ben out? That’s a good tough-girl face on Kate. All right you two, enough kissing, get going. So what's going to happen here, anyway?

Fixing the plane with duct-tape? Okay.

Neither Sideways-Sawyer nor Sideways-Jack has had a flash yet. Those Apollo bars always get stuck. And there's Sawyer's flash. And Juliet's. And now they remember.

What I guess is going on here is that on the island they might somehow fix the light and then everyone will get jumped to Sideways timeline as the "escape". The reactions of people upon "remembering" are getting stronger and stronger every time. And when does Jack get his "flash"?

Here comes Sideways-Jack's flash - with Kate.

Well, well. It's going to end up being Hurley to protect the island. Maybe. Depends on what happens in the cave. I still think that they get the stone carrot back in, the island jumps, and everyone ends up in Sideways timeline. They made it onto the plane. They're in the air. Now what? IS there enough gas to get to somewhere?

30 minutes left - something has to happen. But here's the problem - Jack, Hurley, Desmond, and Ben are still on the island. The LOSTies are split up. Again. Now what?

You know, at this point I think I pretty much have to give up predicting and just hold on for the final ride.

Sideways Locke and Ben at the church. Why? Was this the Lamppost?

Looks like Ben is going to be Hurley's "Richard". There's Ben's redemption.

Well I'll be darned. They actually did get the plane off the island. I'm a bit surprised by that, as it had been sitting there for a little while.

Sideways- Hurley and Ben are talking about the whole Number_one and Number Two as being in the past. And what's this talk about being ready to "leave"?

Just how did Jack get to wherever he got to, on the island. Out of the cave. Next to a pool.

Sideways Jack is now remembering everything. Nothing in the coffin. Was there ever anything in the coffin? So everyone is dead and the Sideways world is kind of the Afterlife. Jack's dad is now doing the requisite end-of-series info-dump. With the requisite LOST music video montage. As Plane Crash Jack goes to the bamboo forest where he woke up, and dies. The last thing we'll see is Jack's eye closing. It's funny to think of this church scene as being everyone who is dead. Including baby Aaron? Is Vincent going to die too?

So the Sideways world was the Afterlife? An Afterlife? A place the LOSTies "created" so they could meet up again before moving on? But what about baby Aaron? And why did they only now all start remembering everything? Or was the afterlife/limbo/whatever only taking effect once everyone was there? I guess I need to remember that the Sideways timeline, from plane crash to resolution, was really only about a week at most.

You know, you can't ask questions like this. The show isn't going to answer them. It's going to do what LOST does - ask more questions than it answers, and leave things open for interpretation. LOST has always been shaky with respect to its speculative world-building, and the finale wasn't any different. The one big thing LOST is going to do is concentrate on characters, and that is indeed something they've done well. A lot of character arcs were wrapped up in the finale, and I'm actually pretty pleased by most of them.

Overall, on first reaction, I'm fine with it. The creators ended the series the way they wanted to end it, and while I might have other opinions about how it should have ended I'm fine with what they did. I'll have to think about how much the Sideways world added to the main arc of the show, and whatever it supported it or undercut it. But, in the end, LOST is done. I'm glad I spent the time watching it, and thinking about it, and considering how it worked as a show. Certainly, I can't see anything replacing it any time soon.

Bye-bye, LOST. It was a great run. Thanks to all who were involved in the show for the show.
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