jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

"and that dark spot there, that's trauma" (the post-footy report)

The below injury is from this weekend's footy (Australian Rules Football) game in the GGAFL. The bruise (and it really is just a nasty bruise) actually looks worse in person. It's on the inside of my right elbow/arm, going about a third the way up my forearm and 1/4 the way up my biceps. It doesn't really hurt, except for some soreness in my right biceps (in the part that's *not* bruised, funny enough).

But the bruise was received in a good cause. Right before the defender hit me I kicked a goal, one of my two goals for the game. And if I could kick straight, or pay attention to my position on the field, I would have had a couple more goals. I also had a heck of a day catching things, making nearly 10 marks (where I catch, on the fly, a kick). My team, the Oakland Pirates, had a good game winning by a score that was roughly 80-something to 50something. In two weeks, we have another big showdown with the Marin Mavericks. They clobbered us last time, we'll see if we can do better this time around.

And next week, I go with some GGAFL guys and gals to Denver to play in a tournament. Us guys will be teaming up with some folks from Chicago in some friendly matches with the Denver team. Of course, given that I get bruises like this (and I have a half-dozen more minor injuries and bruises), one has a right to question how "friendly" these games are :-)

It's a good thing I love playing footy!
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