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Puzzles: various

Did a lot of puzzles this weekend.

NY Times Brainbuilder Crosswords
#35 Take It Easy = 7:16
#36 Excellent Grade = 7:35

GAMES, July 2007
The World's Most Ornery Crossoword = 33:36 (Patchword Quilt, Hard Clues, 3 Easy lookups)
Mega-Marching Bands = 32:29
Link-Letters = 2:00 (It gets the point across); 2:12 (It's spotted in Africa); 2:41 (There's a lot of racket here)

GAMES, August 2007
The World's Most Ornery Crossword = 36:04 (Word Tour, Hard Clues w/8 Easy clues)
Battleships = 7+ (5-Commodore); 9:19 (6-Admiral). Both with a hint
Pencil Pointers = 8:56

New York Times Tough Crosswords
#28 = 25:02
#29 = 12:24

Sac Bee, Sunday June 24
Sunday Jumble = 2:27 (What the homeowner faced when the basement pipe burst)
Sunday NY Times Crossword = ~40 (Rear Axle)

NY Times Crossword was done at the park while entertaining a 6 year old and a 4 year old.
Tags: crossword, games, puzzles

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