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the sac footy club gets some publicity! (and a weekend review)

This Sunday's Sacramento Bee featured a big article about our sacfooty club, and about Australian Rules Football. Included (as the lead) was a quote from me about how I've wanted to play Aussie Rules for twenty years. Which is, of course, entirely true.

Some facts weren't quite right in the article but overall it was a nice piece, with some good pictures, and very fun to see in the paper. We'll see if it brings us some more members and/or fans! (Full article at the above link)

The weekend at the Denver Tournament went well. I played on a team that was a collection of guys from various places (Chicago, Iowa, Sacramento, and some Denver folks). The other two teams in the tournament (Denver, St. Louis) were full squads, so we were definitely at a disadvantage. And it showed, as we got crunched both games. We only scored 2 points, one behind each game, and these behinds were scored by me. And when your only scoring is 2 behinds from me you know you're in trouble!

I played full forward, which turned out to be quiet as we were having trouble getting the ball past midfield. I should have run up to the middle and tried to help get the ball moving forward but didn't think of it at the time. Next time, then. But I did escape injury free, beyond taking a knee to the thigh (which will heal quickly). All in one piece! Yay!

The gals from Sacto (including C) played with a team from Arizona and ended up with one win and one loss, an excellent result for them. The loss was to an East Coast collection team that ended up being a LOT of US National Team members so there's no shame in a loss like that. And two gals from the club (the two Amys) ended up on the National Womens Team! Woohoo! Between them and the 3-5 club guys who play with various National or training Mens teams, and our club coach being the National Mens Team Coach, Sacramento is well-represented in USA Footy. Sa-lute!

Overall it was a fun weekend full of having good times with the club members who went and meeting new footy players from across the country.
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