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hello, it's me. yes, it's been a while.

Wow, this thing is dusty.

You know you haven't used the blog in a loooong while when the only messages you have are comment spam and people's birthdays. And your only posts are auto-sends from twitter.

I seriously think it's been at least a year since I even casually blogged here and a good year and half to two years since I was seriously blogging.

So, what's been up? How's things in this neck of the woods? Anyone around here any more?

I've been doing lots of things. Work (many many ups and downs there). Australian Rules Football (much fun and physically demanding). Math contests (which have taken a lot of time).

But no writing. I'm looking to change that, get back on the horse again. Time will be an issue. The writing voice in my head knocks on the inside of the skull once in a while, saying "I'm still here. Not gone. Nope. Just waiting. When you're ready, I'll be ready too."

It's a pocket universe on the side of the collection of universes that is my life, and it's waiting for expansion.

It's also starting to get a little cranky.
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