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on Worldcon (Renovation 2011)

Drove up to Reno on Friday after work, getting there about 7pm. Checked in, cleaned up, then went to the suite for the VP party along with the drinks I brought.

VP party was excellent! It was great to see all the Elevensies friends and the cool VPers from other classes, and to meet plenty of new VP people. I broke all my rules about drinking at parties: too much, too late, too many different things, and not enough food. But I had a blast, finally stumbling out of the party about 230 am and then running into Mark Teppo (my VPXI roomie) as he was coming back from the Atlantic parties.

Saturday (once I made it out of bed) was panels, on either writing, space exploration, or movies. I also did much saying hello to people as I ran into them. Dinner was buffet with VP in the crazy restaurant in the Peppermill that was RainforestCafe/TikiRoom without any animals.

Hugo awards were a lot of fun! Jay Lake and Ken Scholes did a wonderful job as hosts, and the emotional and personal acceptance speeches from many of the award winners made for a touching time.

After the Hugos, the VP gang had our own "Hugo Watchers" party which devolved into talking about writing, getting very silly, and eventually laughing our heads off.

Sunday was breakfast with the gang, a couple panels, then a goodbye to Reno and Worldcon and a drive back home.

Summary: Awesome. I have let the scifi-nerd-writer side of me languish for quite a while. Going to Worldcon was about putting my toes back into that water and seeing if there was still something there for me. There is. All the things that have happened over the last 1.5-2.5 years, to pull me away from writing and cons, haven't dimmed my enjoyment of the art and the people. What's left for me is to figure out how to somehow fit writing into my now incredibly busy life. But I want to write again, and I also have the tribe that will be holding me accountable!

So over the next week I'll take stock, see what's up with all the stories, update the old submissions and writing spreadsheet, and do some basic attempts at writing and editing again. Then it's time to move forward! At a much slower space, but still. Forward.
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