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today is the first day of ... something. And the Sci Fi Country Challenge!

So after yesterday's proclaimed re-dedication to making time for writing, I'm at a little bit of an impasse today.

Work has been a bunch of fire drills recently, and today I was still trying to make sure I knew what fires were left and what was being done to douse them (along with lending a hand myself).

Thus it's 1030 at night and I'm still doing work. At home, at least, but remote connected to work and pushing away.

I did do some very nice thinking about stories on the way to/from work today, and decided that my first two tasks are a quick cleanup of "A Mind Of Their Own" (flash fiction) and a rework of "Silver, Seven Ways" (short story). [If you can guess the plot of "Silver, Seven Ways" from the title, I will be impressed.]

But in order to keep the creative writing juice tap open, I present the SciFiCountry Challenge! Here's how it works: take a country song, change title and lyric to make it sci fi, post title and a lyric here.

My contribution (also tweeted and Facebook'd) is:
_Phobos Prison Blues_
with the altered lyric: "But I spaced a man on Venus / Just to watch him die."

Join in! Have fun!
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