jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

wow. livejournal.

I just was randomly thinking about livejournal and decided to stop on by. It's been a while.

In the almost 2 years since I last posted here, I've:
- Played a lot of Australian Rules Football and injured myself a few times (including now)
- Run a ton of math contests for kids under the name SACMATH (
- Sent a daughter off to college (at UC Berkeley)
- Read a bunch
- Left HP for a job at Schilling Robotics (

The last is the most excellent change. I've been at Schilling two months and enjoying it tremendously.

And I've even been thinking about writing again. But I've said that before and action speaks louder than words, so nothing more there. I do have a writing-related question, but that will go in another post.

Just to say that life is going well, and I'm enjoying it.

I hope that everyone else in this LiveJournal part of the world is doing well too!

- yeff
Tags: australian rules football, life, math contests, robotics, work, writing

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