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19 April 2013 @ 08:35 pm
Scholastic Education education reprint request and pay rate?  
I just received a reprint request from Scholastic Education for one my stories. They'd like to use the story in a reading curriculum targeted at middle school students (grade 6-8), encouraging them to explore writing (a good cause).

The conversation was short and didn't mention pay rate, but they are sending me the paperwork to review. Being a good VP graduate I intend to make sure I'm getting paid for the reprint.

So, my questions are:
- Has anyone ever sold a reprint to a market like this before?
- If so, what did you get paid?
- Any reason I shouldn't expect payment for the reprint?

In the lack of any feedback, I plan to ask for 5 cents/word. I figure that everyone else associated with the material (including Scholastic) is being paid, thus I should be paid too. 5 cents/word seems reasonable.

As a note, the reading curriculum mentioned to me was "Code X" and I believe it's the one mentioned on this page at the Scholastic website: http://mediaroom.scholastic.com/press-release/scholastic-announces-educational-technology-product-launch-math-180-iread-system-44-ne

Any thoughts would be appreciated,

- yeff
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