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A memory of Jay Lake

One of my favorite interactions with jaylake: After he attended the 2007 WorldCon in Japan, he posted a picture of a car lot with a ferris wheel to his LJ and said it was story material. Challenged to prove it, he posted an opening paragraph of a story about Yokohama Sid and his Used Ferris Wheel lot. For fun, I added a short paragraph on the character Sid.
Jay posted both to his blog with an open invitation to all to add to the effort and many people did.

After a few days, I looked at the various pieces and said "I think there's a story here", ordered the parts, added a little text as spackle and paint, and mailed it to him. He gave the resulting group story feature time on the LJ. Enjoying collaboration, openly sharing ideas, and embracing the result - I think it says a lot about Jay. It was also one of the most fun experiences I've had writing.

Here's the resulting story, a blast from the past and a fond memory:

- yeff

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