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21 April 2015 @ 07:48 am
Hugo Awards 2015, Thought #1: The Cabal  
If the Hugo Awards have really been controlled by a cabal of politically motivated behind-the-scenes players who maneuvered works that fit their agenda and checklists into both nominations and awards - if that's true ...

Then wow are they really bad at it. Because they couldn't stop a few people from openly and blatantly constructing two intersecting slates, recruiting from their fan bases and other like-minded groups, and totally dominating the nominations lists.

You'd think an all-powerful cabal would deal with something like that akin to flicking an ant off your leg. Some simple backstage politics, and "bink", puppy effect is minimal to zero.

Sounds like the cabal needs to attend quite a few Evil Overlord training classes...


- yeff

(more thoughts later, but this is the first one that keeps coming to mind)