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Status: April accomplishments, May goals

**** April

Only a bit of writing in April - finished the exploratory draft of "Straw" and barely started on the rewrite.
Most of my time was spent with work and family issues, and also diving down the rabbit hole of Hugo Awards Nominations controversy.

I have one story out: "A Mind of its Own" is still in the queue at Analog

**** May

I will be submitting "Dybbuk" to on May. As they say, start at the top and has excellent quality and pay rate.
I plan to finish the rewrite of "Straw" and then send it to someone for review and feedback.
"Straw" will likely take me the rest of the month. After that, I could see starting on "Nora Gets A Golem" or "This Is Your Life, Version 2.0"

I also plan to read more - first and foremost, I will read the Hugo nominees. I have subsriptions to Lightspeed, Intergalactic put a large packet of stories up for free, and other magazines have stories available online, and I have more books than I will ever get through. More reading is crucial to developing better writing.

Also, going to BayCon on Memorial Day Weekend. Taking my younger daughter, A, with me. It should be fun!

And that's the status.
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