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that was may, this is june

What happened in May:
- Didn't get laid off in the big 15% cut at work. That was the source of some early May anxiety, and it's nice for it to be gone. Now I'm in the midst of "what do I want out of work, what are my interests, what do I want to work on?" and trying to align that with what's being planned for the future rounds of work projects.
- A little bit of writing on "Straw". It's going slow. I never realized you could have the "muddle in the middle" phase in a *short story*, but I appear to have hit it. Really, it's just a matter of making sure to carve out the time to get it done.
- Went to BayCon. It was an enjoyable time with some fun panels: Hugo neepery, Victorian-era speculative fiction, and when the robots take over. But I still felt like one of the youngest people at the con, and I wonder about the future of that slice of fandom and the cons they attend (see previous post).
- Went to Vegas for ARML ( as staff member and assistant coach to NorCal teams. Our A1 team won first place nationally, for the second time in the three years! Great work by the kids

What's coming in June:
- Dealing with whatever the hell has happened to my back and is causing me nasty hip flexor and back pain. I think it's a form of sciatica relating to the back strain I suffered 2-3 weeks ago. I need to rest, cycle, walk, and do my core exercises. Getting old(er) sucks.
- Attending DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals ( Should be a great event, and will help give me plenty of brain fuel for Our Robot Future that I can leverage for both work and writing
- Go to Ashland for Oregon Shakespeare Festival for a week with the family. Always a nice relaxing time and the plays look great.
- Finish "Straw" and do a revision pass on it so that I can get it out for feedback. After that, I can start on "Nora" (which feels like it will be fun).
- Reading Hugo nominees and making my decision. Reading is important. Voting on the Hugos is important.


- yeff
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