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What's making me happy this week

in Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast fashion.

Two things this week:

- The DARPA Robotics Challenge finals. I had a good time. The competition itself was much more riveting than one would expect staring at a bunch of robots thinking would be. The expo area with boots was very good - a wide variety of items from robots to parts to educational items. I learned a lot and came away with some good items and ideas.

- William Shakespeare's Star Wars. A retelling of the three (original) Star Wars movies, in the style of Shakespearean plays. This isn't a hack job, this is a wonderful work by someone who loves Star Wars and loves Shakespeare and put a lot of effort and thought into it. It's well done, entertaining, funny, and both pays tribute to the original movies as well as adding something to the story (asides, fun references to events, etc). I'd love to see a staged reading of this at a con - I think the audience would really really enjoy it. Alas, I acquired it too late to nominate it for a Hugo but it would be a worthy nominee and winner in the Best Related Work category. Highly recommended.

Link at first book ("New Hope") at Powell's:

Link to entire trilogy at Powell's:

- yeff
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