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Baen Best Military SF and the Hugos

Recently, came out with the collection "The Year's Best Military SF & Space Opera 2014". Military SF and Space Opera are two genres that the Sad Puppy effort stated were not usually nominated for the Hugos. Finding the best stories of genres such as these and getting them nominated for the Hugos was one of the stated reasons for the Sad Puppy slate. is a publisher that the Sad Puppy effort felt was deliberately excluded from the Hugo nominations.

Given this collection is a opinion of the best Military SF and Space Opera, what does the overlap between the collection and the Hugo nominated stories (most if not all from the Sad Puppy ballot) turn out to be?

Zero stories.

Two writers in the collection are on the Hugo ballot. One is nominated for Best Related Work, but not for a work of fiction. The one writer who is in the collection and on the Hugo ballot for fiction is Brad Torgersen.

In the collection are three stories from and one from Analog. There are also two stories each from Asimov's and F&SF and one story each from Lightspeed and Clarkesworld along with other publishers.

"Year's Best Military SF and Space Opera"

- yeff
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