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writing status - August 2015

(delayed from the start of the month)

Time to get back to the writing status posts, so that I have accountability.

**** July 2015 Review

I finished a first draft of the rewrite of "The Straw That Shines Like The Sun" in the beginning of the month. I'm not too happy with the first draft, but it's a real thing now so I can work with it.

After that I decided to take some time away from "Straw" and try out some flash length stories. I went back to the old Apex Halloween shorts, took one (the Banshee story), and wrote a new 800 word draft. The general concept here is a set of stories titled "Monsters Known, and Sometimes Loved" and all these stories (including "Banshee") fit into that theme.

I was going to revise and submit "Banshee", but then I found out that the deadline for the Orycon Writing Workshop was August 1! So I quickly hustled through a first draft of "Nora Gets A Golem", finished it up right at the start of August, and mailed it in. I have permission to send in a revision ASAP for use in the workshop (Thanks, Dale!)

**** Submissions Status

- 9 story submissions in July
- Received 6 responses, all "no", some "nice no"
- 4 stories currently out, one more went out right at the start of August

**** August 2015 Plans

- Keep the stories that are out there, out there
- Finish revision of "Nora Gets A Golem" and send to Orycon Writers Workshop
- Revision of "The Straw That Shines Like The Sun", send for critique
- Work on "Monsters Known" shorts and submit them
- (maybe) work a new idea I have, based on my high school geometry and computer teacher, with tentative title "The Digital Numbers of the Beasts". It's been occupying my mind recently.
- (maybe) start thinking about new versions of "The Fishing Trip" and/or "This Is Your Life, Version 2.0"

- yeff
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