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what making me happy this week - 10 August 2015

- Outside Lands ( We attended the three-day festival for the first time. The big draw was Elton John, performing on Sunday night, but other draws included St. Vincent, Mumford and Sons, and Billy Idol.

How did it go? Well, being at a music festival for 3 days with 60,000+ of my fellow humans did stretch my ability to deal with crowds. But the music was great, there was delicious food at food booths, good things to drink, and the logistics of the festival were surprisingly very good (lines for things were never terrible and it was never too crowded). I was often enveloped in smoke of all different types and flavors (courtesy vaping and other things), but the breeze was up at Golden Gate Park to clear it out and it wasn't too chilly most of the time (evening got cold). I also found some new bands, like Dustbowl Revival and The Devil Makes Three.

And Elton John! Elton John! I've been a fan for about 40 years and have never seen him in concert. He didn't disappoint. When you're a superstar, you can do a concert where every song is a hit and every song is special. That's exactly what he did. I stood on a table and sang along like a true fan. I had forgotten what a good piano player he is, and how bluesy he can be when he wants. Excellent concert. Now I want to see him again (perhaps in Vegas).

- Writing Excuses podcast ( I've been staying away from writing podcasts because I figured I wanted to spend my writing time actually writing, and getting a sense of where I felt I was in my ability. I've finally started listening to Writing Excuses and it's coming at just the right time. The podcast is by four established sf/f writers and each episode is a short broadcast on one topic. Perfect. I can get one or two episodes done in a commute to work and have something to think about the rest of the day. The episode on "story openings and promises" crystallized something I've been thinking about for a while but was never able to nail down. Highly recommended.
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