jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

revising "Game of Chase"

Spent some late afternoon / early evening time at Peet's revising "The Game of Chase". I'm trying to get it done pretty soon so that I can send it to Bruce Taylor for him to read.

Worked back through the first three scenes (of the five): Zach and Vic playing; Zach, Vic, and Martin at the wall; Zach and Vic playing again. DId some tweaking, some rearranging, some adding, some subtracting. But it was more of the "dial turning" edit than a "rewrite from scratch" edit which I might have felt the story needed. I did add some interior monologue for Zach in the third scene which I thought was interesting.

There are two more scenes left: the return of Kara and Ronnie; and the final scene with Zach at the wall. I probably won't get to those until sometime in Ashland since we leave Saturday morning.
Tags: game of chase, writing

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