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what's making me happy this week - sunday 30 august 2015

- Weird Al!

I saw Weird Al Yankovic in concert Sunday night at the Three Stages complex at Folsom Lake College. I had a fantastic seat, maybe about 30 feet from him. I could have easily hit him with a tennis ball without trying (I didn't).

Weird Al put on a great show. He had tons of energy and kept the pace going non-stop. All the classic songs that you know and love ("Another One Rides The Bus", "White and Nerdy", "Jeopardy", "Eat It", etc, etc, etc). Al did multiple costume changes during the two-hour show - probably at least a dozen. During the costume change times, they showed videos of Weird Al appearances in all sorts of movies and tv shows and animations over the years. You forget that he's been performing and thus in the public eye for more than 35 years.

He also did two medleys - one in a quick pop style, the other in a slower bluesy "club" style with the band sitting in a circle playing simple instruments (drum with brushes, acoustic guitar, etc). It was rather well-done. Weird Al has developed some solid musical chops and vocal ability.

I also have to give a ton of credit to the band. They played songs with a wide variety of styles, from pop to rap to rock, and they were tight and solid on all the songs. Very impressive work.

If Weird Al comes through your town I'd highly recommend going. Two thumbs up!

(NOTE: Alas there's also a "*not* making me happy this week" item - work has announced we're going to have layoffs by the end of this month. And I lost my small robot that I keep on my keychain. I'm hoping that's not a bad omen. More layoff thoughts in the future.)
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