jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

what's making me happy this week - 26 October 2015

It's been some weeks of crazy busy crazy here, between work and kid sports and getting math contest and math club preparation off the ground and trying to continue writing in all that.

But I did finish off a revision of "The Bits and Bytes of the Numbers of the Beast", my computer-programming-and-demon-fighting-in-the-1980s short story, and sent it off to SomeDayCrits (the critique group I joined) for future critique in a couple weeks. So that's a happy moment.

My brother and niece (9) and nephew (11) came to town for the weekend. They stayed at Mom's but we spent a lot of time together including a trip to San Francisco on Saturday and going to Ava's soccer tournament game on Sunday. Sunday late morning and afternoon, we played multiple rounds of Tenzi (a dice throwing game) then while at my Mom's birthday dinner Sunday night we were very entertained with multiple rounds of Twenty Questions. They really liked that game. I expect to hear more of it in the future.

So some happy moments in the midst of "keep up with it all" craziness!

- yeff
Tags: busy, family, life, writing

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