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24 November 2015 @ 01:28 pm
oh yeah, posting  
Been a little while here. What's been up?

- Halloween. My wife and I dressed as Jack and Sally. She did the costume work and it was amazing! Even if people thought I was Beetlejuice (which is understandable)

- Ran math contests on Nov 7/8 for 170 kids across three contests. Always tiring, always fun, always at the end of it I'm thinking "maybe I'll do that again". A month into coaching math team at the middle school and I think the kids are enjoying it.

- Did a Sonora "bike and wine" trip with friends from college in celebration of their 50th birthdays. Lots of fun and good to catch up with them (and meet some new people!)

- Orycon in Portland Nov 20-22. Great time. Presented on robots, ran a quiz show with Curtis Chen, had stories critiqued and caught up with people. That's the most writer-ly con I go to and it is always enjoyable.

- Writing. Finished up "Bits and Bytes" and had it critiqued, took a little time to finish questions for the quiz show, now back on the "Monsters Known" shorts and after that it's "Bits and Bytes" then either "This is Your Life" or "Fishing Trip" (to be renamed "Where the Two Rivers Meet"). Also took my "worst starship in the fleet" novel idea, titled it THE PERSISTENCE, wrote up first 300 words for First Page Idol at OryCon. It did not suck, which was a good thing.

- Work proceeds towards release next month. We're in crunch, so what isn't the above is work.

And that's how it goes here.

What's making me happy? Being very busy, having good times with writing, getting through bugs at work, running and working out, and having fun now and then. Things go well.

- yeff