jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

here we go again (Hugos 2016)

So, an organized group has again demonstrated that an organized group can nominate for popular awards in an organized fashion and pretty much determine the nominees on the final award ballot.

I'm certainly not surprised by this result, having seen popular votes gamed on the internet for, like, forever.

Time to vote the way I always vote: Read the nominees. Determine what I like, in order of preference. Use "No Award" to draw the line between what I do and don't want to give a Hugo.

Two early predictions for Worldcon 2016:
- A fairly short Hugo Awards ceremony, similar in result to 2015.
- The "E Pluribus Hugo" and/or "4/6" motions pass with large majorities.

- yeff

ps - that My Little Pony episode better be *really* *really* good.
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