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The story is off!

Well, I took the plunge. I mailed out the flash fiction story I wrote at Norwescon, "Apologies All Around". I decided to go for Asimov's first. Hopefully I did everything correctly. I made sure to use proper manuscript format, to include a response SASE, and to add a "your submission was received" response postcard. I also included a cover letter, mentioning a few relevant items (Worldcon, Norwescon, Mary Rosenblum).

It was both thrilling and terrifying. I tried to pretend I was someone opening the packet for the first time, to see what their experience would be. I think it worked. I still chuckled at a couple times in the story. I think the ending worked. Of course, I'm horribly biased.

In the end, I like the story and it felt good to send it out into the world. We'll see how I feel after I get a response. :-)
Tags: asimovs, scifi, writing

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