jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

a story comes to town, but can not leave

"My Mother's Banshee" came back from Shimmer with a "no".

At least they didn't say "you might go read our latest issue" like they did last time (when I sent "No Picnic" which I was pretty sure was not really their style of story).

And now I'm a little stuck on where to send "My Mother's Banshee" next. It's flash, so that does create some limits. Some places I could send it already have a story submitted.

Looks like I need to expand my scope of where to send stories, especially with respect to non-SFWA-qualifying (aka "semi-pro") markets. Time to hit Duotrope and/or Ralan and/or Calls For Submission Facebook group and/or "where other people have sent stories".

- yeff
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