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ashland report

A quick 5 hour drive up on Thursday and we were there. I hung out with the kids while C saw "Cherry Orchard" (which she enjoyed) and then we had dinner at Pangea and I saw "Gem of the Ocean". Today was lounging around, lunch, I saw "As You Like It", dinner at Tabu, then C and E seeing "Romeo & Juliet".

"Gem of the Ocean", by August Wilson, is set into 1904 and is the first place in his ten-play cycle. The production was rather good but I was so tired from the week and from the drive that I was drifting off and having trouble paying attention (no fault of the play). The symbolism of the characters in the play is rather interesting and something I thought about during the walk back to the hotel and today. I'll be interested to see what C thinks of it (she sees it Wednesday).

"As You Like It" is one of the pastoral Shakespeare plays, featuring the standard set of banishment, deposed rulers, city folk and country folk, women masquerading as men, and various forms of romance. I had a front row seat for this one, which was fantastic, but I was uncertain about the play. It honestly felt like everyone was trying too hard and being too stylistic and thus that there was no real connection in a lot of the characters. Again, we'l see what C and E think of it.

During dinner at Tabu tonight one of the actors was sitting at the bar and so we started talking with him about the plays. He's been with the festival for many years and we've seen him in many plays that we've enjoyed. We chatted about "Gem of the Ocean" (which he was in) and about the meaning and history of the plays. It was really fun and he was very nice and gracious.

Tomorrow is no plays, so we're going to Crater Lake. The Wallins come in Tuesday afternoon.
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