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Writing Update - 2016 August

It's the beginning of September, so it's time for a monthly update!

August 2016:
- 17 writing sessions (the most in a long time, all in the morning before work)
- Reworking the "Bits and Bytes" story, which has been troublesome, so that a later version can go to Orycon for the Writers Workshop
- 4 story submissions
- 2 story replies. "My Mother's Banshee" made the "hold" round at Diabolical Plots but didn't make the final cut (so close!). Another story has a preliminary "yes" (!) but I'm holding details until the ink dries and it's final which will take a while (hope hope hope!)
- 7 stories out for submission as of August 31.

I have definitely been struggling with the rework/revision. I just don't feel like I have a handle on any writing style right now. I look at past things that sold and they feel smooth, and the style is nice and varied. Still trying to get there. Fake it til you make it, I guess :-)

September plans:
- Finish "Bits and Bytes" rework
- Finish "Void and the Voice" rewrite and get it out!
- write that "grandma's dentures" story
- maybe the story "where the two rivers meet" (formerly known as "the fishing trip") or the "nora and the golem" story

On to September!

- yeff
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