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back from Ashland (The Ashland Report)

Well, those three days went fast. Monday was Crater Lake and the "deathmarch" (as E and A referred to it) from Rim City to Discovery Point (where "discovery" = "first white man sees the place and says something about it"). It is astounding to think that it used to be a mountain that then blew its top and collapsed. The water of Crater Lake is the most amazing shade of blue that it is indescribable - one must see it for oneself.

Tuesday was hanging out in Ashland, including going to Lithia Park and playing at the excellent playground which includes two new climbing toys: a big fake rock, and a pyramid of ropes. A thoroughly enjoyed both. C and E saw "As You Like It" in the afternoon and felt similar to me - the lead wasn't strong and was trying too hard, with too much style and not enough substance. Also, the two leads didn't really have any chemistry.

The Wallins arrived about 5 and we all went for dinner at Standing Stone. After that C and I, along with R Wallin, went to see "On The Razzle", a Stoppard farce dating from 1981. It was quite fun, the actors did a nice job, and make sure to pay attention or you will miss Stoppard's quick-paced wordplay. As a note, the similarity to "Hello, Dolly" is not a coincidence, it turns out they're both based on the same source, see here for details.

Wednesday morning was the Ashland Fourth of July parade, which was fun even though it was beginning to get hot. Two hours of bands, decorated cars, floats, buses - all the elements of a small-town 4th of July parade including all the candy the kids could grab.

Wednesday afternoon I took the kids (all five of them, E, A and the 3 Wallin Kids) to Science Works while C and the Wallins saw "Gem of the Ocean" in the afternoon. They enjoyed it as much as I did and I think we all agreed it was the best play we saw ("On the Razzle" was also fun, but since it was a farce it loses "Best Play" points).

Wednesday night we had dinner at Black Sheep> and then I saw "The Tempest" all by myself while everyone else went and had chocolate, waited for the bats, then watched the fireworks. "The Tempest" was rather good; I hadn't actually seen a production of it before so I was surprised at how short (compact) it was. Derrick Lee Weeden did a very good job as Prospero. I also really enjoyed the message of the play itself, about forgiveness instead of revenge.

Thursday morning was up, pack, brunch at Morning Glory, then the long, hot, hot, hot (Redding = 113, Sacramento = 105+) drive back. My gosh, it's hot here.

Friday we get household things done and get the kids packed because Saturday I ferry them out to San Antonio before coming back and packing for Hawaii. It's a brief glimpse of home in his month of travel.

Did a lot of puzzles and a lot of reading while in Ashland, but not a lot of writing. Shame on me. At least, some version of shame.
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