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Comment: Asimov's June 2007

Almost all the stories in this Asimov's were good and solid and well-done in terms of character, setting and plotline.

My favorite story was the short story "Tideline" by Elizabeth Bear. It was a touching, nice, lyrical story about a robotic AI war machine that is working with a young boy to try to find a way to atone for its previous deeds. I rather liked it and felt it was well-done.

I have to make a comment on the novella "News from the Front" by Harry Turtledove. This alternate history story concerned a FDR who is waylaid in his attempts to run the post-Pearl Harbor WWII operations by an overly inquisitive and meddlesome press. I could only read this as an allegory implying that Bush's Iraq War has gone poorly because of the "interference" of the press. Turtledove's claim in the intro that "it is foolish to infer anything about a writer's politics from his or her work" I felt was silly and an attempt to distance ones' self from a highly political work. Really, what else is someone supposed to take from this story?

Beyond my issues with "News from the Front," I thought this was a good issue.
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