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Comment: F&SF June 2007

Another set of solid stories, well-executed and interesting even when the subject might have given me difficulties ("Wizard's Six" comes to mind, but dealt well with the nastiness of its subject).

My favorite story was the novelette "Lazaro Y Antonio" by Marta Randall. It was a well-done tale of two brothers, one who was a navigator for a ship that was lost with a valuable cargo. The navigator had his mind scrambled and the story concerns an attempt to put his mind back together enough to get the ship and cargo back. I liked the setting, the plot and the two main characters. My only complaint is that I didn't like the choice made by the navigator at the ending even if I do understand it - I felt it was too negative in tone.

I also liked the novelette "An Eye for an Eye" by Charles Coleman Finley, a
"sci fi noir" tale of a petty thief who takes a case full of double and triple crosses. However, I felt it ended totally wrong and not in the manner I think of as associated with noir. Beyond that, I really enjoyed the story.
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