jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

back from Texas, off to Hawaii

Now that was a quick trip. Into TX at 4pm, up at 5am the next morning to leave TX. Even for the 13 hours I was there, every time I stepped outside it felt like I was walking into a sauna.

C and I are now packing for Hawaii and head out Monday morning for Oahu. We're staying in Kahe'ohe, near Kailua where a college pal, MC, lives so we'll get to see him and his family while we're there. We plan on taking it easy, snorkeling, seeing Pearl Harbor, doing a surfing lesson, hanging out on beaches, eating tasty fish, finding a self-guided LOST tour, and having one or two nice dinners to celebrate the 15th anniversary. I'm also planning on some writing. This should be an excellent trip.
Tags: life, travel

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