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celebrity deaths

Ingemar Bergman, Tom Snyder and Bill Walsh all died yesterday. Back in the days when I used to participate in Celebrity Death Pools (modern versions are or Death List), a day like this would have been full of discussion. Not only about the current standings in the death pool, but also about each of the celebrities and what we remembered and thought about them.

Here in Northern California, Bill Walsh got the most press for his primary role at coach of the (three-time) Super Bowl Champion 49ers (hell, give him Siefert's Super Bowl and just make it four). Walsh also received acclaim for redefining what a football offense could do (the once-derided but now-standard "West Coast Offense") and for occasionally making Stanford football something more than a whipping boy. As a Stanford alumnus, I still think that Denny Green and Tyrone Willingham were the best Stanford coaches I ever saw but we'll see what Walsh protege Jim Harbaugh can do.

My knowledge of both Bergman and Snyder is sadly very minimal. Bergman is thought of as one of the creators of modern cinema, and I vow to watch more of his films and learn how great he was.

Snyder I only know from the Dan Aykroyd impersonation on old-time Saturday Night Live, but the clips of him on YouTube (TODO: add link) show him to be prickly, interrogative, engaging and a real joy to watch. Where are the talk show hosts like Tom Snyder now? (Note: smoking not required).
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