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Writing Summary: June - July 2007

June 2007

June started off strong. I finished up "Walls of Stars Like Eyes" and SacSpec reviewed it at the June meeting. Folks really liked the technology involved in the story (the media walls) and the general setting of a society deeply into space travel. They also liked the little kids. There were some problems with a couple of scenes with Andre and Jacqui and some good ideas about things to explore with respect to Andre's relationship with the other characters. The reaction was positive overall, and I was pleased as I do like the story.

The rest of the month was slower. I started getting into a rewrite of "The Game of Chase" with the intent of sending it to Bruce Taylor but didn't seem to find much time for working on it. I then did a little work on "Witness" because I was going to try to get a handhold on it since it was going to be the July SacSpec story, but by the end of the month I hadn't gotten far.

July 2007

Since three weeks of July were various vacations, not much writing occurred. Vacation was just so busy it was hard to find time to sit down and write. I sent the first half of "Witness" to SacSpec to get their initial take via email, but I received only one response (I can't really complain, I didn't review anyone else's work).

I did eventually get through a first draft of "Witness" before the month ended but I was rather dissatisfied with it. I felt like I was just trying to push the story to the end I had predetermined because it was the only end I could envision. I probably need to look at the characters some more and see what they want and if I can get them there.

So July was a bit of a disappointment, but I ended the month vowing to pick up the pace in August.
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