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more diary = less LJ (and less writing)

I've been writing more in the diary the last week (no, this LJ is *not* the diary). I'm realizing the diary is a good tool for me to work out certain emotions or feelings when I'm not certain what the source is. It's similar to the story writing, where all I can carry in my head is the first part and once I get that down on e-paper I can get to the second part and the third part and the understanding.

Unfortunately, more writing in the diary means less blog posts on LJ and less story writing. Even though I can do 1000 diary words in about 30 minutes (where's that speed on story writing, eh?), it's just a matter of the time equations at that point (if (time_available - diary_time) > 0 then story_writing_time).

I made the commitment to try to speed up my story writing rate before Viable Paradise in an effort to get to 24 stories. That might be iffy, but I'm going to give it a shot. And there's everything else: life, relationship, kids, work, household, critiques, etc.

Excuse me, universe? Where's all that spare time I ordered a while back?
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