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16 November 2017 @ 12:00 pm
My tweets  
  • Wed, 16:02: I learned the French skill Verbs: Present 1 on https://t.co/fcANPJBRZN
  • Thu, 08:58: Here's what goes well with oatmeal - peanut butter m&ms!
  • Thu, 09:39: Zen Thoughts with Darth Vader. (Search your feelings ...) https://t.co/jM0KjHKTtN
  • Thu, 10:57: annnd, right before a trip I get notified my mastercard number has been stolen and fraudently used ... sheesh.
  • Thu, 11:18: phone call from Portland area code, no message. someonetrying to reach me, or have I leveled up in mobile spam/telemarketers?