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Tommy Makem, RIP

Singer/songwriter Tommy Makem died last week. I was familiar with Tommy Makem through his work on Irish folk music with the Clancy Brothers. C introduced me to the Clancy Brothers when we started going out and I immediately took a fondness to the songs, the history, and the style of Makem and the Clancys. C's parents had introduced her to the Clancy Brothers when she was but a little kid, and she'd loved their music ever since.

We saw them in concert back when we lived in the SF Bay Area, at Foothill College, at least 12 years ago. It was a great concert: lively, funny, touching, and highly entertaining with four great personalities performing music that made you tap your toes and sing along (as most everyone in the auditorium was doing by the end of the concert).

If you don't have any Clancy Brothers albums, then buy them immediately and enjoy them. Liam Clancy is the only living member of the band. If he comes around in concert, go see him. You won't regret it.

- NPR text article on Tommy Makem's death, includes links to videos on YouTube.
- NPR radio article
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