jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

AWI (Amazoning While Intoxicated)

I was checking the email today and saw a couple of the auto-confirm-your-order emails from Amazon and realized I'd done a little AWI a couple nights ago after a few helpings of "snakebite" (Harp Lager and Blackthorne Cider, which I discovered at the Black Sheep in Ashland).

One order was a set of presents for a highly belated birthday/fathersday for my brother and his wife, so at least my excess clicking will have a positive effect.

The other order was for home and started off with a couple Clancy Brothers DVDs then segued into a DVD of the "Stop Making Sense" concert, two 80s CDs, and a couple books from C's wish list. It all links together if you think about it: "ok, got the Clancy DVDs, hmmm DVD what about stop making sense; what else is on my wish list; gee, better get something for C."

It's just way too easy to AWI and rack up a big bill. Luckily, I kept it within reason. This time.
Tags: funny

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