jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

going to Portland (Vancouver, WA) Wed-Thurs, need a cafe

I'm heading out to Portland Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 for a two-day meeting with the team at HP Vancouver. The style of the trip is "go in early Wed morn, meet all day Wed, team dinner Wed, meet all day Thurs, go home."

So, about the only free chunk of time for writing will be Wednesday night after team dinner. I'm currently searching for a good, funky coffeehouse in the Vancouver, WA area that's open late and has tasty baked treats. We'll see if I can find one.

UPDATE: The current decision is to go to the Borders on SE 160th in Vancouver after dinner, then off to the hotel (Heathman Lodge) for a late late checkin. If I want to check in first, I might find a Barnes & Noble or another Borders. One colleague mentioned the Rimsky Korsakoffeehouse, which looks pretty hip but is too far away for that one evening. Maybe next time.
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