jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

the "smartcar" pays a visit to Sacramento

The smart fortwo cars were in our area over the weekend. They set up shop at the Whole Foods just catty-corner from the neighborhood. The line was too long so we passed on the test drive.

I have to say they were extremely cute. I thought they were the all-electric neighborhood car, but it turns out they're gas-powered. Mileage is a surprisingly low 40 miles per gallon - I would have thought it would be much higher.

After this, the tour is off to SanFran/SanJose for the next couple weekends then to Seattle then to Portland. Pay a visit if it's around. It reminds me of the "Le Car" (aka the Renault 5) in France. Video of commercial on YouTube.
Tags: environment, funny

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