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28 June 2018 @ 12:00 pm
My tweets  
  • Wed, 14:40: The Longest Con continues to pay off. Do Not Like where this whole situation is going. Need ideas on what to do? https://t.co/TeNLhbEkFw
  • Wed, 19:30: I was going to watch the latest Handmaid’s Tale episode. Then Justice Kennedy resigned. Now that world feels a bit too much closer...
  • Wed, 21:18: Messed up on one HQ Trivia question, or I would have gotten them all. Argh.
  • Wed, 21:23: McConnell is a part of the Longest Con, what led to these moments in our country https://t.co/5uTYlhsgkE
  • Thu, 09:47: Abortion. Affirmative Action. Voting rights / Gerrymandering. Gay rights. Death penalty. “But, her emails.” https://t.co/mYoTM80uim