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"MAYA" (Indian Dance)

Saturday night E and I went to see "MAYA", a bharatnatyam (Indian dance) fusion ballet by Padmashree Shobana and Ensemble.

The first part of the show was three separate pieces of dance set to a mix of world music (one featured flamenco). This was followed by a full presentation of an Indian legend/folktale concerning Rama, Sita and Ravan. Googling reveals that it was probably a good portion of the Ramayana. There was a intermission in the middle of this portion where one could go to the lobby and have some indian food (idli, samosa and cholay - yum!)

I hadn't seen Indian dance performed before. It felt like modern dance with very sharp, quick movements that at times had a sense of "hopping" to them. This was mixed with some very precise hand gestures and positions and very animated facial expressions.

The Ramayana presentation was different in that there was dialogue played during the dance and the dancers performed to the dialogue and integrated their dancing and gestures to it. It felt to me like watching people perform in sign language. The combination of dance, dialogue and gesture was something I hadn't seen before.

Overall, the show was very interesting and I rather enjoyed it. I think that E liked it, but she's thirteen and won't ever cop to liking something that isn't mainstream.
Tags: dance, india, theatre

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