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(writing) the third "no" of the extended weekend

The third "no" came today. "This Moment, and the Times Before" came back from Analog as a "no". But I think it was a "good no"; Stanley Schmidt said: "there's a good deal that I like about it and I'd be glad to see more of your work". That feels good, even in the context of a "no".

As the saying goes, "Be bummed today, send it back out tomorrow." So I'll be doing a flip-flop on two stories. "Apologies" goes to Analog (where it just might be a better fit), and "This Moment" goes to Asimov's. I'm debating minor tweaks to both of them to tighten the science ("Apologies") or get into the emotion faster ("This Moment"). I'll brood on that tonight.

3 rejections in 4 days. Tough time but, again, that's the writerly life.
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