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  • Mon, 12:34: Lake Shasta looking low again.
  • Mon, 17:58: I’m sure the jokes are endless for this gentleman in Ashland, OR. But I’m sure he *does* know insurance and finance…
  • Mon, 19:10: Matthew Rhys gets an Emmy for THE AMERICANS - YES! IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!
  • Mon, 19:23: I am SOOOOOO over Fred Armisen and his obnoxious-annoying-rude character thing.
  • Mon, 19:24: Keri Russell did not win for THE AMERICANS, and that is an awesome show/performance. Nor did Sandra Oh for KILLING…
  • Mon, 19:46: Ben Stiller, Patricia Arquette, and Benicio del Toro present an award, and then there's a commercial for a movie th…
  • Mon, 19:49: Larry David is another person whose act I am completely and utterly over.
  • Mon, 19:52: Come on, THE AMERICANS - let's see it happen!!
  • Mon, 19:58: Darn. I mean, I like GAME OF THRONES and I think it's good, but really THE AMERICANS was just fantastic and has been its entire run.
  • Mon, 21:48: I'm sure Kavanaugh is denying the attempted date rape because he doesn't remember it, because it meant nothing to h…
  • Tue, 11:18: this "get up at 530 AM and pay attention all day" - I'm not used to this. (IE, I'm doing morning workouts and back at work again)
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    Thu, 14:31: I'm impressed the pickup-full-of-pallets made it around the corner! I hope they weren't planning on getting on the freeway....…

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    Mon, 13:26: Easy to read, difficult to learn. (from zen-thought-a-day calendar)

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    Fri, 20:57: It's been an emotionally taxing day (and hectic, trying week and month, all full of change) so tonight it's frozen yogurt with…

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