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01 October 2018 @ 12:00 pm
My tweets  
  • Sun, 14:27: Uh oh. Now I’m rather worried about Microsoft’s historica practice of “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish” wrt ROS... https://t.co/BbKCn4ccTv
  • Sun, 18:16: Well, dangit. If I hadn't missed the MOMA question (big duh), I could have won HQ Trivia tonight. Dangit! (And I ha… https://t.co/iQCuhpD55H
  • Sun, 20:53: Me: Writing Brain, stop making up scenes from The Play when I have The Story I want and need to (finally) revise! W… https://t.co/qY162zu7ej
  • Sun, 20:55: Watching DOUBLE INDEMNITY. It's funny to see the dad from the _My Three Sons_ show be all sleazy. But now I know wh… https://t.co/QNnjQ8eaYk
  • Mon, 08:03: In my favorite Davis cafe, before work. Step 1 in rebuilding the writing fire is creating time. And now there is a… https://t.co/upLBwamHuC
  • Mon, 08:50: I let the Writing Brain have its fun this morning, and wrote a couple scenes from The Play. But next time, WB, it’s revisions on The Story!