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today is an important occasion

Some good achievments today:

- Weightlifting this morning: was able to do all my sets despite low energy levels due to sickness last few days.

- Work: we moved all the testing groups to the pre-production server, but there have been problems. My boss went on vacation starting today, so I volunteered to take care of things. And I did. By the end of a strenuous day of debugging and updating, all was working well.

- Writing #1: finished revision of "Game of Chase" this early evening at Peets. One more quick pass and it's off to Bruce Taylor (hopefully).

- Writing #2: cracked a story that's been buzzing around my brain for a while. I've had several pieces that I knew fit into a story, but I was missing a piece.

The pieces I already had were: set in India (Bangalore); conniving sign-language-speaking monkeys; a marauding band of fruit-truck-robbing elephants; a upstanding, hardworking police officer.

While working out, I was talking to someone who was relating a news article he'd seen about the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis. Apparently, Graceland was a madhouse with 70K+ people. Many people also paid visits to the Jack Daniels headquarters, so "the whiskey was flowing like holy water."

And it clicked. The last piece of the story is: the anniversary of the death of the "Indian Elvis", during the festival of Diwali.

I don't have a title (maybe something like "The Difficult Diwali of Sub-Inspector Naidu". I'll work on it. But it starts like this: "It was the fifteenth anniversary of the death of Daiv Shandra Khan, and the city was going crazy." If I can pull it off, it should be a real blast.

Now it's off to drink some "snakebite" (lager and cider) and eat some barbeque at the in-laws.

I love days like this.

UPDATE: Forgot to add that I got a free coffee at Peets because the barista liked my "Upright Citizens Brigade" shirt. The one that says "DONT THINK" on the back. One of my favorite shirts. Excellent. Didn't drink "snakebite", just Smoking Loon Shiraz and Two Buck Chuck Merlot. Still, a great day.
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