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futbol (aka soccer), all day long

Today was Seeding Tournament day for the girls' rec soccer teams. They were in different locations, so C went with A and I went with E.

A's team was in Under-8 Division 3 (of 7) and went 3-0-1, so there's a chance they could move up. E played goalie in the first game; she wasn't her usual "crazy good goalie" but apparently stopped a lot of shots. She also scored a goal later in the day.

E's team was in the one division (there aren't too many Under-14 teams any more) and went 1-1-2, so they should stay where they are. E had some good ball control playing and scored a goal. I was taping E's games for the coaches and wasn't doing a good job paying video attention so I actually missed her goal (shame on me!). I also give my running commentary stream ("nice pass", "trap the ball", "hustle hustle") and that made it onto the video. I don't think I'll be invited back to tape in the future :-)

C has late night call shift so the kids and I are just hanging out, being on the computers and watching TV. Dinner was Jamba Juice, with a post-tournament Original size per person (usually, we split). Eleanor had some "secret flavor" that all the kids know about.

For me, tonight is magazine comment in the LJ, finish entering notes from SacSpec, and task organization. Also, a generous helping (or two or four) of "snakebite" (lager and cider). This added to some congestion that continues to be painfully nasty, despite blowing large quantities of crud out of my nose this morning, probably means an early bedtime for me (either on the couch or actually in bed).
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