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Comment: F&SF July 2007

This was an okay issue of F&SF. A couple nicely done stories that were primarily built around cute hooks ("Cold Comfort" and "Powersuit") and a interesting adventure/alien_contact story with clones ("Daughters of Prime". My favorites were the two remaining stories.\

The novelette "Car 17" by P.E. Cunningham was a well-done, touching story about a small-town police car that could be alive, its (human) partner, and their battle against another haunted car that is running pedestrians down. It's told from the POV of a young boy in the town who saw and heard all the events. It had a friendly feel, a good and touching ending, and hit on the relationship all of us have had with a special car in our life. It also reminded me of my short story "The Blur, Pinky, and Me" (published in American River Literary Review was back in 1997), so I had a little extra affection for "Car 17".

My favorite story was the novella "Stars Seen Through Stone" by Lucius Shepard, the story of a music producer and a young bluesman he finds and "mentors" (in a very minimal sense of the world). Strange events start occuring in their town and everyone's creativity in heightened in one way or another for a while, until the source of the strange "uplift" comes to collect. I liked the literate style (a Lucius Shepard characteristic), the characters, and the interpersonal relationships that developed. I also liked the mysterious, yet understandable, ending. I'll remember this story come Hugos time.
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