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Comment: Analog July/August 2007

A double issue with tons of stories, and several favorites. I do wish ANALOG would put some basic information about the writers, as there were many names I didn't recognize and I'd like to know more about them.

I liked the novelette "The Caves of Ceres" by Joe Schembrie, a old-school style tale of a grizzled miner, a bereaved daughter, a secret inheritance and the attempt to put all the pieces together. It was a classic adventure story with crosses and double-crossed, marauding robots, and non-stop action. A lot of fun.

The short story "Jimmy the Box" by Scott Virtes was a fun quick tale of a vending machine that becomes self-aware and the results that ensue. It was sweet, simple, character-driven, and just plain nice to read.

The novella "Bringing It All Back Home" by Bud Webster was a really enjoyable tale of Bubba, a "good-ol boy" who just happens to have a spaceship (and a self-aware AI named Mike). He is hired by the government to go to the moon and bring back the original lunar lander. It's nothing more than that, but the characters are extremely endearing, the plotline is fun, and it wraps up with an interesting proposition for Bubba. In the end, my favorite story of the issue.
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