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Comment: F&SF August 2007

Overall, a pretty good issue. I enjoyed all the story to one degree or another, and all had different styles and subjects.

I liked "A Wizard of the Old School" by Chris Willrich, about the wizard Krumwheezle, the thieves Bone and Gaunt, a disease that threatens them all, and their attempts to find a cure. Along the way, they run into issues of the heart and the body, deal with people from the past, perform magic of various forms, and fix everything to the satisfaction of all. Good characters, entertaining plot, well written.

My favorite was "The Mole Cure" by Nancy Farmer, about a man obsessed with the moles on his body who finds a doctor who claims to have a cure. The cure works, but involves some strange incantations that the man discovers only when he stays awake for the cure. It was a suitably creepy yet humorous story, I felt a bond with the main character, and the writing style was both tight and descriptive. My favorite story of the issue, and I could see having it on my Hugo nominations list.
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