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Asimov's March 2007

A decent set of stories, well-written, complete, and with interesting premises or settings for the most part, but nothing was top-notch for me. I felt that each story either there were some too convenient aspects of the plot that enabled the conflict to resolve and wrap up the story, or that the story was a nice tale but not too deep.

My favorite was "The Sanguine" by Jim Grimsley about a man who has had a horrible memory erased but has to relive it every year. It hit upon my favorite themes: technology's affect on people's lives, memory, time, and family relationships. It just didn't quite click for me, I'm not really sure why, but I did enjoy it.

I also liked "Breeze from the Stars" by Mary Rosenblum, a coming of age story about a young man put into a job in space that he doesn't think he wants. The setting, characters and dialogue were all well-done and very interesting. I felt that the plot element that brought about conflict and resolution seemed "tacked-on", though I'm not sure how the story would have progessed without it.
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